Empowering Women & Youth through Homestead Farming in Saline Prone Areas

Funded By: Global Youth Mobilization. https://globalyouthmobilization.org/

Project Area: Climate vulnerable char lands of Noakhali. 

Objective of the project

1.  To reduce the vulnerabilities and create employment opportunities for women and youth in coastal communities. 

2. To build the capacity of the vulnerable women and youth in gender-transformative climate resilience through homestead farming using alternate production technology regard to safe food production introducing bio-composting. 

3. To initiate a market linkage of agro-products grown by the targeted community. 

Activities of the project

1. Organizing, capacity building and creating employability among vulnerable women and youths during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Capacity building of vulnerable women and young people during the COVID-19 pandemic by introducing and giving logistic support for resilient farming practices such as bio-composting and resilient homestead farming within the community.

3. Market linkage of agro-product