Nbs Center

Nature-based solutions involve climate change adaptation, mitigation, disaster risk reduction, and climate-smart development with the protection, restoration, and/or management of and natural ecosystem services in climate-vulnerable rural and urban ecology in terms of protecting infrastructure, agriculture, forest, water resources while drawing in zero carbon and enriching biodiversity.

The NbS Center aims to experiment with nature-based initiatives in Bangladesh to contribute to climate change adaptation, mitigation, disaster risk reduction, climate-smart development, and low-carbon development with a sustainable financial window.

The activities of the NbS Center

  • Collating and generating scientific and community-led ecosystem-based evidence of Nature-based solutions to promote flood-resilient, salinity-resilient, and drought-resilient communities.
  • Experiment on erosion protection measures through Nature-based Solutions.
  • Generating resilient livelihoods through Nature-based Solutions.
  • Integrated Water Resource Management in salinity and drought-affected areas through the introduction of Nature-based Solutions.
  • Promoting climate risk recovery support through BLUE CARBON economy.