Peoples Media

 People’s Media encompasses a range of platforms such as community people, local newspapers, and online forums. The media outlet is run by volunteers or small staff teams who are deeply embedded in the communities they serve.

Peoples media plays a vital role in fostering civic engagement, promoting social justice, Food Security, Disability Inclusion and strengthening community ties. They often cover stories and issues that mainstream media overlook or underreport. By focusing on local news, events, and concerns, Peoples media help empower communities to make informed decisions and advocate for their interests.

Moreover, Peoples media provide a platform for ordinary people to share their stories, express their opinions, and contribute to public discourse. This participatory approach to journalism encourages community members to become active agents in shaping the media landscape and influencing public narratives in Bangladesh.

Despite their limited resources and reach compared to corporate media conglomerates, Peoples media have a significant impact on grassroots organizing, cultural expression, and democratic participation   Focusing Climate Change and Impacts.