Conducting a Market Scoping Study for Plastic Waste Recycling

Conducting a Market Scoping Study for Plastic Waste Recycling

Objectives of the study

The broad objective of the study is to develop a business model focusing on consumer demand for plastic recycled/upcycled end products at the local markets. The specific objectives of the study are:

  • To understand the current patterns of plastic recycling actors and their capacities in the local market supply chain.
  • To identify 4 open-source plastic products (that can be produced by single-use plastic waste) linked to construction and shelter.
  • The demand and quantity of plastic to manufacture the 4 specific products to meet the market needs.
  • To develop recommendations for an effective and efficient market plan to utilize and supplement the plastics recycling supply chain system in Cox’s Bazar.

Scope of work

To develop sustainable plastic solutions and business models, the study will cover the Cox’sbazar district and national market value chain including Chottogram. The study also covers the following scope:

  • The study will identify the market actors at the local and national levels.
  • The study will assess the market gaps, capacity, and efficiency of market actors.
  • The study will assess the growth market for plastic recycled/upcycled products usable in the construction and shelter industry.
  • The study will identify at least four consumer-focused recycled products in terms of supply and demand, quantity, and technical specification to meet the market demand.

Methodology of the study

Desk Review

Primary information collection

  • Participatory research to get actual data, perspectives, and experiential knowledge of the producers and consumers, market actors on plastic waste production, supply, and demand, market gaps, capacity, and efficiency of market actors, etc. through Household Survey (HHS) and Focus Group Discussion (FGD), and and Key Informant Interview (KII)
  • Social Network Analysis and Institutional mapping to understand existing statutory, customary, and non-formal institutional groups and their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations;
  • Market actor survey
  • Waste Management System Assessment
  • Review of Policy Documents
  • Physico-chemical technical specification for construction materials

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